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[expand title=”Beginner 1: Water Exploration” tag=”h5″] Students are beginning to get comfortable in the water and ready to learn how to submerge and to exhale in the water. Float prone and supine without floats. Push and glide from the wall. Kicking frontcrawl and backcrawl and holding a float. Course Content

  • Introduction to an aquatic environment
  • Create a solid foundation for aquatic and safety skills
  • Swimmers should be comfortable in the water and ready to learn how to swim

Skills Acquired

  • Breath in and out of the water
  • Float on front and back without floats
  • Push off wall, glide, flutter kick, on front and back
  • Submerge underwater

[/expand] [expand title=”Beginner 2: Primary Skills” tag=”h5″] Swimmer should be able to propel on front with out aid 4 – 6 feet. Continue to learn: floating and kicking on front and back. Submerge with eyes open. Begin to develop rhythmic breathing. Combined stroke on front and back (arms and legs coordination. Push off wall, glide, kick and exhale 4 – 7 yards. Jumps and sitting dives. Course Content

  • Expand on fundamental aquatic locomotion and safety skills
  • Swim without aids (4-6 feet)

Skills Acquired

  • Continue to learn rhythmic breathing, gliding and kicking on front and back to build up a tolerance for distance swimming
  • Rolling over from front to back and vice versa
  • Combined stroke on front and back (arms and legs coordination)
  • Jump and dive from sitting position

[/expand] [expand title=”Advanced 1: Stroke Readiness” tag=”h5″] Students have passed beginner level and can swim unsupported. Will learn: arm strokes, leg kicks and breathing coordination. Rotation, treading water, floating, submerging and changing directions. Fundamentals of backstroke and freestyle with rotary breathing. Rudiments of breastroke and butterfly. Sitting and standing dives. Course Content

  • Swimmers have passed the Beginner levels and are able to swim in deep water
  • Increase swimming skill competency
  • Practice safety and rescue skills

Skills Acquired

  • Swim backstroke and freestyle
  • Stroke and breathing coordination
  • Fundamentals of elementary backstroke
  • Dive from sitting and standing position
  • Tread water and survival floating

[/expand] [expand title=”Advanced 2: Stroke Development” tag=”h5″] Students move confidently in deep water, perform sculling, continue to improve stroke technique, refine details of breathing and arms actions of front crawl and backstroke. Learn kicks and arms coordination in breastroke and butterfly. Begin to develop starts and turns. Course Content

  • Develop confidence and competency in strokes and safety skills beyond preceding levels
  • Introduction to butterfly and breaststroke

Skills Acquired

  • Continue to improve backstroke and freestyle
  • Deep water bobbing and sculling
  • Learn the stroke and breathing coordination for butterfly and breaststroke
  • Diving

[/expand] [expand title=”Swim Team Prep Stroke Development/Skill Proficiency” tag=”h5″] Students can demonstrate all of the four strokes. The course focuses in refining technique and developing efficiency through water. Hydrodynamics are emphasized. Starts and turns are improved. The level develops the swimmer’s technique in order to move on to endurance training. Course Content

  • Continue to build up distance swimming, develop maximum efficiency and endurance for strokes
  • Introduce surface dives
  • Introduce different turns
  • Continue to learn butterfly and breaststroke

Skills Acquired

  • Refine freestyle, backstroke and elementary backstroke
  • Continue to learn butterfly and breaststroke
  • Learning different turns
  • Learning the approach and start from the blocks
  • Diving Safety

[/expand] [expand title=”Swim Team Prep II Competitive Swimming” tag=”h5″] STPII is for competitive swimmers who are already on a swim team, looking to join all year around/school swim teams or who want to build a foundation for swimming as a fitness lifetime skill. Swim Team Prep II conditions the swimmer by training twice a week for 1 hour each time. The focus of STPII is to perfect technique in the water, conditioning and training. The swimmer will build up fundamentals in development of speed ability through timed work out sets. Hydrodynamics, starts and turns are heavily emphasized through drills and repetition sets. [/expand] [expand title=”Me & My Shadow” tag=”h5″] Both the parent and child (under 3 years old) participate in class together. The instructor directs the parents on how to hold their own child in the water and getting them adjusted with the aquatic environment. The class is taught through sing along songs. It is suggested that parents may want to purchase a wet suit n case the child is cold in the water. [/expand] ADULT [ View NJ Schedule ] | [ View NY Schedule ]
[expand title=”Adult” tag=”h5″] A novice class for adults. The class focuses on learning how to control the environment in the water through breathing exercises, floatation and gliding. The instructor guides the swimmer in overcoming their fear of the water. Development and improvement of freestyle and backstroke. The class allows adults to progress at their own pace. The instructor emphasizes on individual corrections and what the swimmer needs to work on. [/expand] [expand title=”Master Class Swimming” tag=”h5″] Physique is proud to offer this new class in the heart of the Financial District. The swimmer will train, develop stroke efficiency, and endurance. The class is offered twice a week in a 25-meter Olympic Size swimming pool at Claremont Preparatory School. It does not matter what level you are from beginner to intermediate, the experts at Physique Swim School will build up your personal goals through structured works out sets. [/expand] [expand title=”Adult Beginners” tag=”h5″] Novice/Advanced Beginner Swimmers No previous swimming experience is necessary. Class focuses on breath control, balance & body position. Class will develop all strokes from the very beginning with an end goal of lap swimming (fitness swimming). [/expand] [expand title=”Swim Drills” tag=”h5″] Intermediate/Advanced Swimmers Swimmers should be able to swim at least 100 yards. Class focuses on cardiovascular endurance for swimming and stroke refinement. Perfect for triathletes and fitness swimmers. [/expand] [expand title=”Swim Yoga Workshop Clinic” tag=”h5″] The half day clinic includes one 60 minute yoga session and one 90 minute swimming session. The focus of the Swim Yoga Clinic is to raise awareness of balance and breath control to aid stroke development. By using basic yoga principals outside of the water, swimmers will learn a variety of drills that focus on and establish key elements of balance and breath control, which is the solid foundation that enhances all strokes at any level. [/expand]