About Teaching

Let’s Do It Together!

Parents, please try to talk about swimming as much as you can in your family. Let your child know you are proud of every task he or she attempts. Give them encouragement, and be understanding. Be patient and we’ll keep trying. Swimming is the hardest thing to learn. Give help, love, and praise.

Discuss with your child that repetition is important, when you learn something. Encourage your child to do as many repetitions as he/she can during the lesson.

Practice Makes Perfect…

  • Don’t overset your Goals for your child. It is better to reset them from time to time in order to be more realistic for both you and your child. Never show disappointment or scold for something not done to your expectations.
  • CRYING. There are different degrees and a certain amount is certainly expected and will be there from time to time. Don’t get upset. A little is OK.
  • Don’t compare children! Let them progress at a pace that is right for them. They all have different temperaments and personalities.
  • A young swimmer’s goal should be to tread water for two to three minutes and able to swim 300 yards.

Keep in Check of the Pool Rules…

Please have your child on the deck and on the place of instructions five minutes before class is ready to start. This gives us a chance to start on time.

Children should try to avoid eating an hour before class.

  • No running on swimming pool deck.
  • No chewing gum while swimming.
  • Take shower and use a bathroom before entering the pool.

Take control of Young Swimmer Daily Exercise Routine. It will help your child learn easier in the water.