Teaching Philosophy

Swim Programs

At Physique Swimming we believe swimming is an essential part of a healthy and well balanced life. Using our unique teaching method paired with our dynamic, skill oriented curriculum our talented & passionate teachers will take you from beginner to expert swimmer and build a lifelong love of water.
Physique Swimming offers a full range of learn to swim and fitness classes for swimmers of all ages and abilities with year-round programming at 13 conveniently located NYC and NJ facilities! Physique Swimming offers the perfect balance of instruction, safety, and fun, for the best swim classes in New York City and New Jersey.
Swimming is not without effort, but at Physique, we make the process fun and rewarding, getting you results that reach far beyond the pool. Lets get swimming!

Me & My Shadow

Parent & Child Swim Class

Parent and child (ages 6 – 36 months) participate in class together, with a focus on getting adjusted to the water and comfortable in the pool environment. Instructors will direct parents on how to properly hold their swimmer, safety practices and demonstrate verbal & physical cues. The class is taught through sing along songs that are an introduction to aquatic skills and encourage learning through play and repetition. Swimmers should be working towards getting adjusted to the water, acclimation & submersion, floating, safety skills & basic motor movements, and water exploration.
Skills: Entering/ exiting the pool safely, acclimation & submersion, floating, motor skill development

Beginner 1

Water Exploration

Swimmers (ages 3-5) are beginning to get comfortable in the water and are introduced to submersion, breath control & introductory balance and locomotion skills. Students will begin to learn safe entry and exit, breath control, submersion, gliding, kicking, and front crawl. Students should be working towards submersions, front & back floats without support.
Skills: Entering/exiting the pool, safety hands, blowing bubbles, submersion (face & mouth), front & back float, gliding, kicking, arms.

Beginner 2

Primary Skills

Swimmers (ages 4-6) are comfortable submerging independently and will continue to develop floating, kicking and gliding skills without support and are introduced to rhythmic breathing. Swimmers will develop combined strokes on front and back and are introduced to deep water through jumps and dives from a sitting position. Swimmers should be able to propel 4-6 feet without assistance.
Skills: Focus on properly mastering primary skills (floating, gliding, rolling over, front crawl, breath control).
Independent front and back floats, Rolling over from front to back, submersions (without support) jumps & dives from sitting position, combined stroke on front and back.

Advanced 1

Stroke Readiness

Swimmers (ages 5 and up) have passed the Beginner 2 level and can swim independently for 4-6 feet. Students should be able to properly demonstrate primary all skills (floating, gliding, streamline, freestyle) without assistance. Swimmers will further develop balance & coordination, fundamentals of backstroke and freestyle with rotary breathing. Swimmers are introduced to breaststroke, butterfly and dives from a kneeling/standing position.
Skills: Rhythmic breathing, freestyle, backstroke, kneeling and standing dives, elementary backstroke, introduction to breaststroke and butterfly.

Advanced 2

Stroke Development

Swimmers (ages 7 and up) have passed the Advanced 1 level and move confidently in deep water. Swimmers continue to improve technique and refine details of freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers learn fundamentals of breaststroke and butterfly movements and are introduced to competitive starts and turns.
Skills: Breaststroke and butterfly, treading water, standing dives, turns.

Swim Team Prep

Stroke Proficiency
Swimmers (ages 7 and up) have completed the Advanced 2 level and can demonstrate basic competency in all four strokes. The course focuses on refining technique and developing efficiency through an emphasis on hydrodynamics. Starts and turns are improved. This course develops the swimmer’s technique in order to move on to endurance training.
Skills: Endurance training, starts & turns, refinement of all four strokes

Adult Beginner

Foundation Skills
Non-swimmers and beginners welcome! No previous swimming experience is required. Adult swimmers (ages 18 and up) are introduced to aquatics through a focus on foundation and safety skills. Swimmers will practice breath control, buoyancy, balance & body awareness with an introduction to freestyle and basic life saving techniques with an end goal of lap swimming.

Adult Intermediate & Advanced

Swim Drills
Appropriate for Intermediate & Advanced Swimmers! Adult swimmers (ages 18 and up) can demonstrate all foundation skills with confidence. Class focuses on cardiovascular endurance for fitness swimming and stroke refinement through skill-oriented drill progressions. Perfect for triathletes and fitness swimmers!