Physique After School Aquatics

Pine St School (Green Ivy Schools)
25 Pine St, New York, NY  10005

We are excited to announce our new after school aquatics program at the Pine Street School located in the heart of Financial District at 25 Pine Street. Our after school aquatics program is offered twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays with instructional swim at Seahorse Aquatics. Students are bused every day for 1 hour of instructional swim.

Our specialized After School Swim Program offers superior instructional swimming with an emphasis technique on competitive level. It is not only a great opportunity for beginner swimmers but also for swimmers who are looking to enter the world of competitive swimming. Aquatic instruction is customized on your child’s swimming goals and needs. We teach all swimming fundamentals and safety to all beginner swimmers and provide stroke clinic analysis to our most advanced swimmers.

The pool at Seahorse features 5 lanes, 25 yards, starting blocks, 3.5 feet shallow in the shallow end and 10 feet deep in the deep end. It is the perfect pool for our beginner and advanced swimmers.
Students return to Pine St School at 5pm for homework help, educational games and art.

Physique After School swim instruction takes place at Seahorse Swim Club, 69 Columbia St.
Students are bused to the pool for instructional swim after dismissal from Pine St School and return to Pine St School after swim.

2016/17 Physique After School Info

Boys & Girls: Ages 5 – 11


Physique Camp Sample Schedule:

3:00pm Students get picked up & greeted with smiles at dismissal by Physique Staff.
Pick up is available PS 234, PS 89, Spruce Street School, Peck Slip School, Leman Manhattan Prep
3:15pm Take the bus to Seahorse Aquatic Club, 69 Columbia St. for instructional swim. Students swim for 1hr.
5:00pm – 5:30pm Healthy Snacks, Education Games, Art & Dismissal at 5:30pm


Our after school team members will pick up your child from local schools that are within vicinity of Pine St. School.

Age Type Ratio(# of Children to 1 counselor)
5-7 Boys/Girls 4:1
7-9 Boys/Girls 6:1
9-11 Boys/Girls 7:1

Tuition for Physique After School:

  • Monday Once a Week Swim Program 
    September 12 – December 12 (12 classes, once a week, $720.00)
    January 9 – March 13 (9 classes, once a week, $540.00)
    April 3 – June 19 (11 classes, once a week, $660.00)
  • Wednesday Once a Week Swim Program 
    September 14 – December 14 (14 classes, once a week, $900.00)
    January 4 – March 15 (11 classes, once a week, $660.00)
    April 5 – June 21 (11 classes, once a week, $660.00)

CLOSURE DATES: 10/10, 10/17, 1/16, 2/20, 3/20, 3/27, 5/29


More Information ...

The safety and concern of children and staff in our care is the most important.  Physique After School Team are currently Red Cross certified in Life Guarding, CPR, and First Aid. We also maintain a fully stocked Health Center for your child’s comfort and safety in the event he/she requires medical attention. Additionally, if your child has an allergy (requiring ah Epipen, or other emergency treatment), or any prescribed medication, please tell us in order to make the proper arrangements.

We love it HERE and want you to feel the same. Let the after school magic of making friends and learning how to swim start here.  We can not wait to welcome every camper with open arms and big smiles. We nurture our staff, just like we nurture our campers.

Our Staff:

  • Carefully Chosen & background checked
  • Thoroughly trained
  • Professionally prepared
  • Eager to instill self-confidence
  • All Red Cross certified
  • Experts at guiding personal growth
  • Really FUN people

Please visit us at your convenience, just call for a personal tour. Children are invited to attend the personal tour with you.

Call (212) 725-0939 to schedule an appointment.

We are waiting to hear from you!


Swimmers plunge into Physique’s instructional swim program, as they learn basic swim techniques and safety skills under the supervision and guidance of our Red Cross certified lifeguards and instructors. Swim takes place at Seahorse Aquatics Club, 69 Columbia St, New York, NY 10002.

Our student instructor ratio is:

  • Beginner 1: 1 -> 4
  • Beginner 2: 1 -> 4
  • Advanced 1: 1 -> 5
  • Advanced 2: 1 -> 5
  • Swim Team Prep: 1 -> 6
  • Stroke Development & Analysis: 1 -> 5

We ask parents to look at the Level Description to determine an appropriate swimming level for their child. Swim level will be adjusted as instructors see fit and as the camper progresses. As campers progress and complete each level, they will receive achievement awards weekly.

Pick Up at Dismissal at your school

Our friendly after school staff will pick up your child from their school to walk them over to Pine St School. The students will have time to have a healthy snack and unwind before hopping on a bus to Seahorse.

  • Spruce Street School
  • Peck Slip School
  • Blue School
  • Leman Manhattan Prep Lower School, 41 Broad St
  • PS 234 Chambers/Greenwich
  • PS 89 and PS 276

Parents pick up their kids from Pine St School at 5:30pm.

What to Pack for Physique After School.

  • Bathing Suit
  • Goggles
  • Bathing Cap
  • Towels are provided at the pool